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The difference is how we do it.

Body waxing is the ideal method to rid yourself of unwanted hair.

Brazilian Wax by Sisters is owned and operated by two Sisters, Joana and Divina, both originally from Brazil with over 12 years of experience servicing men and women in the art of intimate body waxing.


Yes, to us, it is an art, not a simple service provided by licensed practitioners. 

Among the benefits, each time you experience a wax treatment, not only do you rid yourself of the unwanted hair, but you also insure the hair that grows back in the weeks ahead will be thinner.


Choose the service for you

Based on our customers experienceswe have prepared great tips and exclusive informations for you about the benefits of waxing, click here to view.


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Our Special Products Line

Only available on stores. The online store is coming soon!

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